Mark Levin

Levin has participated in Freedom Concerts, an annual benefit concert to aid families of fallen soldiers, and he uses his radio program to promote aid to military families.  Levin is also involved with Troopathon, a charity which sends care packages to soldiers serving overseas.

Robert McCain

Why is Obama still leading Mitt Romney in Ohio, but trailing in Florida? This puzzle might be explained by the early blitz of attack ads the Obama campaign laid down against Romney in Ohio back in May and June, which created a sort of “opinion deficit” that Romney has had to try to make up during the past four months.

American Spectator Blog

Few conservative columnists have been more brutal critics of Mitt Romney for the past five years than Deroy Murdock. Today, however, Murdock highlights some wonderful stories about the decency of the GOP nominee. He writes this:

“Americans might like Romney even more if they understood his random acts of kindness and significant feats of bravery. As Mara Gay, Dan Hirschhorn, and M. L. Nestel wrote for “A man weighed down by the image of a heartless corporate raider who can’t relate to people actually has a history of doing remarkably kind things for those in need.”

Then he gives several great examples. It’s a great read.