• MOTIVATE individuals to defend liberty and our Constitutions through  their involvement in the political process.
  • EMPOWER individuals to stand united against a national government  that operates beyond its Constitutional authority.
  • EDUCATE the public on the Constitutions, our Founding principles,  and the political process.
  • MOBILIZE individuals to assert a unified and influential voice in  our Constitutional Republic.
  • ESTABLISH proper checks and balances between the federal and state  governments.
  • ADVOCATE legislation in the Alabama State Legislature and Senate and U.S.  Congress that is consistent with our charter and mission.
  • ENGAGE in peaceful public discourse through protests, rallies,  petitions, open debate, and personal interaction with our political  representatives.
  • SHARE our vision with people of all races, religions, age groups,  and civic and political affiliations, and invite their partnership and  participation in the Tea Party movement.
  • SUPPORT All Conservative Movement and Tea Party Chapters within the State of Alabama and the United States of America through our website which provides information on events, candidates, voting, news and educational material.