Let’s Fix Congress!

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Do you trust the two-party system?
What makes me different.
I will fight for you every day; I will not lie to you or quit on you; and I will represent what is important to you, the people of the 23rd District, not what is important to a political party.
I will not be accepting any money for my campaign. I believe it is possible to run a successful campaign without having to sell yourself for funding.
I am running as an Independent Candidate because I understand that the Republicans and Democrats no longer speak for us. They have lied to us and are doing grave damage to this great nation with their partisan politics, dividing the nation on the issues that really matter. Additionally the Green and Libertarian’s are following the example set by the large parties and are refusing to support much more highly qualified candidates than those they are supporting.  They refuse to support anyone who is not in their party because supporting their party is far more important than doing what is right for the people of Texas.
If you are not happy with what congress is doing to our nation, then
please consider voting for me.
-Craig T. Stephens